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The National Map Users Conference: Short Interviews with Attendees
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The National Map Users Conference: Short Interviews with Attendees


Lt: Karl Taylor Drexler: My name is Lt. Karl Taylor Drexler. I work at The National Guard Bureau.

Frederick Reuss: I'm Frederick Reuss. I was invited to speak to the conference.

Yan Liu: Hi. My name is Yan, Yan Liu. I am from the University of Illinois.

Stephen Lario: Hi. My name is Stephen Lario from the U.S. Air Force.

Delbert Brown: Hi. I am Delbert Brown from Buckley Air Force Base.

Mike Da Luz: My name is Mike Da Luz. I am from NSRI.

Betsy Canali: My name is Betsy Canali and I work for the U.S. Forest Service.

Ezra Mclachlan: My name is Ezra Mclachlan. I have been an intern.

Anya MacDonough: My name is Anya MacDonough. I reside from Germany.

Frederick Reuss: I was thrilled for the chance to meet cartographers.

Lt: Karl Taylor Drexler: For us it is all about information sharing in a secure way.

Anya McDanuff: I learned the difference between what the national map does versus Google maps and big maps for example.


Mike Da Luz: The plenary has been very informative. I think they were very creatively done. I thought that they were very complete in terms of people who could share ideas both on the technical side and on the policy implementation side, if I am not to be very interested.

Yan Liu: I am here to understand the computation of challenges when the national map data is use in analytical services in geospatial analysis and the modeling.

Frederick Reuss: I used the national map and I did some PDFs actually.

Stephen Lario: We really needed consistent elevation, imagery, and hydrographic data as well as transportation information of right contacts to support logistics, security, and safety of our operations there.

Yan Liu: In the conference, I learned a lot, as a newcomer, about how complicated the matching process is and the tremendous data this national map project generates.

Ezra McLachlan: This is my first ever business conference. It was really enjoyable. I got to learn a lot more about what the USGS does.

Delbert Brown: It was nice to have a source who gets geographic information to supplemental maps.

Stephen Lario: I am attending the national map conference so that we can look at the opportunity to find a coherent and consistent base map to support our installation operations.


Betsy Canali: I really like what I have seen in a while, this week at this conference, with some of the discussions we have had about mapping in the cloud and volunteer geographic information opportunities for the public to contribute.

Stephen Lario: The need for something like a national map became obvious. I get enough from other public sources, but with the main sources, federal sources in particular became a priority.

Mike Da Luz: I have found some of the technical conversations about how people were using analytics based on the kinds of data sets that they were getting to be very intriguing.

Delbert Brown: I have come to meet colleagues and peers in the industry, and also to hear from other government departments on their efforts to see what they are doing and how we, Department of Defense, can with integrate in with the department of the government.

Betsy Canali: I am really happy to see that the U.S. Justice made this commitment to go back to making maps.

Anya MacDonough: I think I will definitely use the national map in the future because I have gotten curious about what it is.


Mike Da Luz: Couple of takeaways from the conference are our ability to meet with folks in the hall in formal conversations, taking it to some other side bar issues that they are upstanding, to meet other folks who are engage in the business. All of those, I think were important for me.


Betsy Canali: The important thing is to keep the communication going. Hopefully, we can have more conferences like this one and I feel like this is a really positive step forward for the USGS.

Ezra Mclachlan: I have a really great time. I really had a good time from our discussion.

Frederick Reuss: From the feedback, I think people enjoy.


Title: The National Map Users Conference: Short Interviews with Attendees


The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) sponsored the inaugural The National Map Users Conference (TNM UC) in conjunction with the eighth biennial Geographic Information Science (GIS) Workshop on May 10-13, 2011, in Golden, Colorado. The National Map Users Conference was held directly after the GIS Workshop at the Denver Marriott West on May 12-13.  The focus of the Users Conference was on the role of The National Map in supporting science initiatives, emergency response, land and wildlife management, and other activities.

The National Map Users Conference Experience: Short interviews of Conference attendees. (4:29)

Opening remarks and plenary speakers, Thursday, May 12, 2011 (UC Day 1)

Award Ceremony, Tommy Dewald of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Keven Roth “semi-retired” USGS are the co-recipients of this year’s Henry Gannett Award, presented by Marcia McNutt, Director of the USGS and Alison Gannet, great-niece of Henry Gannett. Roth and Dewald were cited for their development of the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD). (30:03)

Continuing remarks and plenary speakers, Friday, May 13, 2011 (UC Day 2)

Closing Session:  “What You Said: Shaping the Direction of The National Map”.  (33:50)

Selected Sessions, Thursday, May 12, 2011 & Friday, May 13, 2011

Location: Golden, CO, USA

Date Taken: 5/13/2011

Length: 4:29

Video Producer: Michael Moore , U.S. Geological Survey

Note: This video has been released into the public domain by the U.S. Geological Survey for use in its entirety. Some videos may contain pieces of copyrighted material. If you wish to use a portion of the video for any purpose, other than for resharing/reposting the video in its entirety, please contact the Video Producer/Videographer listed with this video. Please refer to the USGS Copyright section for how to credit this video.

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