Building Partnerships

There are a variety of ways to interact with us and our science. We invite you to explore the following information about partnering with our science programs.

Science Partnerships and Opportunities
Explore the collaborative work we're doing with other Federal agencies, non-government organizations, State/local and tribal governments and the private sector as well as additional opportunities to partner with us and further our science mission.


Technology Transfer
The technology transfer program at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is designed to leverage the research capabilities of USGS scientists with the commercial development potential of the private sector. For more information on the USGS Technology Transfer program, please visit this page.


Memorandum of Understanding
We work with many other Federal agencies and the private sector to accomplish our science mission through formal memorandums of understanding and memorandums of agreement.


International Activities
The USGS carries out international activities as a complement to its domestic programs. Learn more about the scientific and technical assistance being provided in more than 100 countries.


Activities Related to Native Americans
Learn more about the work we do in cooperation with American Indian and Alaska Native governments—including research on water and mineral resources; animals and plants important to subsistence the environment, or the economy; natural hazards; and geologic resources.