Fort Collins Science Center Ecologists Share Expertise on Invasive Species

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Research Ecologists Amy Yackel Adams and Andrea Currylow present “Invasive Reptiles: Lizards, Treesnakes, and Burmese Pythons, Oh My!” lecture

Dr. Amy Yackel Adams and Dr. Andrea Currylow, Research Ecologists at the Fort Collins Science Center, recently presented “Invasive Reptiles: Lizards, Treesnakes, and Burmese Pythons, Oh My!” as part of the Virtual USGS Public Lecture Series. The USGS Public Lecture Series hosts free, monthly events intended for a general audience.  

Yackel Adams and Currylow discussed the havoc invasive reptile species often wreak on habitats, and negative impacts caused by invasive reptiles on ecosystems and biodiversity. They highlighted USGS research findings and collaboratives that assist managers with control efforts. Yackel Adams presented specific invasive species cases, including Brown Treesnakes, Veiled Chameleons, and Tegu Lizards. Currylow spoke on current Burmese Python and Black and White Tegu lizard management efforts in the Florida Everglades. The complete lecture and transcript are available below. 

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Title: Invasive Species - Lizards, Treesnakes, and Burmese Pythons, Oh My! (Public domain.)


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Date published: December 4, 2016
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Biology, Impacts and Control of Invasive Reptiles in the Everglades

Invasive species are considered to be second only to habitat degradation in terms of negative impacts on the Earth’s ecosystems, and our scientists make up a significant proportion of the global expertise in the rapidly-growing problem of invasive reptiles.