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Date published: October 20, 2021

Join in the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills on October 21!

Do you know how to protect yourself in an Earthquake? The 2021 International ShakeOut Day is on October 21, and you can learn what to do before an earthquake happens by participating in the ShakeOut Earthquake Drills. 

Date published: October 14, 2021

Tour of Water in the Solar System

Happy Earth Week! This year, the theme for Earth Week is Water. Let’s take a tour of the solar system and see where else water exists, and why it’s so unique that water exists in the forms that it does here on Earth! 


Date published: September 29, 2021

A Virtual Field-trip Guide to S P Mountain Just Released by Astrogeology Science Center!

If you are interested in volcanology,  you should check out our newly-released virtual S P Mountain Field Guide. S P Mountain is a textbook example of a tephra cone and associated lava flow, located within the San Francisco Volcanic Field, about 30 miles north of Flagstaff, AZ.


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Year Published: 2021

Active neutron interrogation experiments and simulation verification using the SIngle-scintillator Neutron and Gamma-Ray spectrometer (SINGR) for geosciences

We present a new SIngle-scintillator Neutron and Gamma Ray spectrometer (SINGR) instrument for use with both passive and active measurement techniques. Here we discuss the application of SINGR for planetary exploration missions, however, hydrology, nuclear non-proliferation, and resource prospecting are all potential areas where the instrument...

Heffern, Lena E.; Hardgrove, Craig J.; Parsons, Ann; Johnson, E. B.; Starr, R.; Stoddard, G.; Blakeley, R. E.; Prettyman, T.; Gabriel, Travis Saint James; Barnaby, H.; Christian, J.; Unzueta, M.A.; Tate, C.; Martin, A.; Moersch, J.

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Year Published: 2021

Past, present, and future of Mars Polar Science: Outcomes and outlook from the 7th International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration

Mars Polar Science is a subfield of Mars science that encompasses all studies of the cryosphere of Mars and its interaction with the Martian environment. Every 4 yr, the community of scientists dedicated to this subfield meets to discuss new findings and debate open issues in the International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration (...

Becerra, Patricio; Smith, Isaac B.; Hibbard, Shannon M; Andres, Chimira; Bapst, Jonathan; Bramson, Ali; Buhler, Peter; Coronato, Andrea; Diniega, Serina; Emmett, Jeremy; Grau Galofre, Anna; Herny, Clemence; Kahre, Melinda; Knightly, J. Paul; Nerozzi, Stefano; Pascuzzo, Alyssa; Portyankina, Ganna; Rabassa, Jorge; Tamppari, Leslie; Titus, Timothy N.; Whitten, Jennifer L; Yoldi, Zuriñe

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Year Published: 2021

Geologic map of the Athabasca Valles region, Mars

This 1:1,000,000-scale geologic map of the Athabasca Valles region of Mars places the best-preserved lavas on Mars into their geologic context. The map shows vigorous geologic activity in the most recent epoch of the geologic history of Mars, which is extremely unusual for the planet. In these atypically youthful terrains, the interpretations of...

Keszthelyi, Laszlo P.; Huff, Alexandra E.; Jaeger, Windy L.
Keszthelyi, L.P., Huff, A.E., and Jaeger, W.L., 2021, Geologic map of the Athabasca Valles region, Mars: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3477, pamphlet 11 p., 1 sheet, scale 1,000,000,