Plant-Soil-Environment Laboratory (FRESC)

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We produce basic and applied science needed to manage landscapes in ways that make them resistant and resilient to stressors such as wildfire, exotic plant invasions, drought, and temperature extremes. These stressors impact ecosystem productivity and functioning and pose costly risks to human health and safety in the western United States. We team with other state and federal agencies to find efficient and effective ways of mitigating their impacts.

Our program integrates biophysical ecology, ecophysiology, ecohydrology, and biogeomorphology at scales ranging from plants to populations, communities, ecosystems and landscapes. Current projects evaluate emerging approaches for soil stabilization, control of exotic annual grasses, and restoration of desirable native perennials following wildfire in sagebrush steppe. Understanding plant adaptation to temperature and water limitation, and applying this knowledge to management practices such as post-fire restoration seeding or landscape vulnerability assessments, is a major focus.

Principal Investigator

Matt Germino Supervisory Research Ecologist

Federal Staff

Cara Applestein - Ecologist

David Barnard - Ecologist

Matt Fisk Ecologist

Bill Davidson - Ecologist

Brynne Lazarus - Botanist


Lar Svenson - Contractor

Andril ZaiatsVolunteer