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WHISPers, the Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership - event reporting system, is a partner-driven, web-based repository for sharing basic information about historic and ongoing wildlife mortality (death) and/or morbidity (illness) events. The information, such as county-level locations, onset and ending dates, species affected, and diagnosis has generously been shared with the USGS National Wildlife Health Center over time by hundreds of natural resource managers and stakeholders across the U.S. and beyond. The primary goal of the system is to provide natural resource management partners and the public with timely, accurate information on where wildlife disease events are occurring or have occurred for better preparation and decision making. The information is opportunistically collected and does not reflect all the mortality events that occur in North America. WHISPers is also the portal for requests for diagnostic and epidemiologic assistance from the USGS National Wildlife Health Center Diagnostic Laboratory.


Image of WHISPers home page showing map of data points in United States.

WHISPers provides data on wildlife mortality events in the United States.

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WHISPers Overview Video

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The “WHISPers Overview” narrated PowerPoint is an introduction to the features and benefits of the Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership-event reporting system (WHISPers), a platform for State, Federal, and Tribal natural resource agency partners to share wildlife health information with each other and the public.


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The concept for WHISPers was developed by the USGS National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC), in partnership with federal, state, tribal, non-governmental, and academic partners. System software was initially developed by the NWHC and then refactored by USGS Web Informatics and Mapping, with funding assistance from the Department of Homeland Security’s National Biosurveillance Integration Center and the USGS Ecosystems Mission Area.