USGS Hudson River Watershed Suspended-Sediment Monitoring Network

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The USGS NY Water Science Center maintains a network of near-real-time sensors to monitor the movement of suspended sediment into and through the freshwater reach of the tidal Hudson River. Information from this network helps quantify the movement of sediment in the watershed to assist resource managers and stakeholders reduce dredging costs, target resources to mitigate soil loss, and modify land use practices and behavior that result in sediment-related damage to the ecosystem.

graph of suspended sediment Green Island Dam, Troy, NY

Annual Tons of Suspended Sediment Entering the Tidal Hudson River at the Green Island Dam, Troy, NY(Public domain.)


Additional Sources of Hudson River Information

        Hudson River Salt Front Project

        Near real-time HRECOS data (hosted by Stevens Institute)

        NY/NJ Harbor PORTS System

        2012 Hudson River Tide Tables

        Near real-time data from The Battery

Hudson Riverkeeper

Hudson River Watershed Alliance 

Network Locations

Clicking the sites and watersheds below provides additional information.

Upper Hudson

Hudson River at Waterford, NY (01335770)

Mohawk River at Cohoes, NY (01357500)

---Mohawk River at Fonda, NY (01349527)

---Schoharie Creek at Burtonsville, NY (01351500)

Lower Hudson Tributaries

Normans Kill at Albany, NY (01359528)

Catskill Creek nr Catskill, NY (01362090)

Roeliff Jansen Kill nr Linlithgo, NY (01362182)

Kinderhook Creek at Rossman, NY (01361000)

Esopus Creek at Mt. Marion (01364500)

---Esopus Creek at Lomontville (01363556)

Rondout at Rondout, NY (01372007)

Tidal Mainstem

Hudson River below Poughkeepsie, NY(01372058)

Table of summary of network coverage of suspended sediment

Summary of Network Coverage for USGS Hudson River Watershed Suspended-Sediment Monitoring Network(Public domain.)


Published Data

Click any of the Network site numbers (below) for real-time turbidity and discharge

Daily Loads and Concentrations (NWISweb)

Hudson Watershed Streamgages (USGS mapper)