East Fork Whitewater River at Richmond IN

Available Data

Available Data

Station ID: 04183500

Stream Data: Gage height, stream velocity, discharge

Water-Quality Data: Dissolved oxygen, nitrate + nitrite, pH, specific conductance at 25°C, turbidity, water temperature

Atmospheric Data: None

Station Description

Station Description

Latitude: 39°48'24"

Longitude: 84°54'26"

Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC): 05080003

Datum: 853.51 ft. (1988 NGVD)

Drainage Area: 121 square miles

County in which site is located: Wayne County (Indiana)

Site managed by: Indianapolis District Office

Station Funding

Station Funding

This station is operated and maintained in cooperation with the City of RIchmond and the USGS Cooperatie Water Program.

Science Center Objects

A Super Gage is a conventional streamflow gage equipped with continuous water-quality monitors. Super gages provide real-time data specifically designed to improved our understanding of watershed processes and to address specific water-resource issues such as climate and land-use effects, water-related human health issues, floods and droughts, or hazardous substance spills. Our ability to model estimates of continuous data (sediment surrogates) and continuous nitrate data help improve estimates of loads to downstream critical areas such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes.

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East Fork Whitewater River at Richmond IN - gage panel

Station ID: 03378500


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