Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Groundwater Networks

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Groundwater level is monitored at numerous observation wells across Ohio,  Kentucky, and Indiana.  Data are collected in real-time, continuous, and periodically. These data support decisions by local, state, and federal cooperators to balance diverse and growing demands for water resources in our three states.  These demands include major resource management challenges like groundwater availability, water use, long term climatic trends, and drought monitoring.

Indiana GW Network Pumping well

Pumping well - Indiana groundwater network

Long term water level records are needed to evaluate the affects of climatic variations on recharge and discharge from groundwater systems. The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana groundwater network provides water level data to monitor the general response of the hydrologic system to natural climatic variations and induced stresses.

 Scientists and resource managers use these data to evaluate known and potential problems so they can be defined early enough to allow proper planning and management.  Monitoring of groundwater levels in combination with the evaluation of regional geology allows broad, general definition of aquifer systems and their boundary conditions.

Groundwater data are compiled and published on the Groundwater Watch and National Water Information System Web (NWISWeb).

Ohio Groundwater Sites

Kentucky Groundwater Sites

Indiana Griundwater Sites


Randy Bayless making a groundwater measurement