Sample Polishing

Capabilities Objects

For some types of sample analysis, an ultra smooth surface is required for accurate results.

Allied Multiprep 12” Polisher

The Allied Multiprep Polisher has a variety of grinding and polishing media and lubricants which gradually take a sample from a rough surface to a highly polished surface ready for analysis. It can also be used to provide a light polish or a finishing buff to samples.

Allied Multiprep 12" Polisher

Allied Polisher  (Public domain.)

Fischione Argon Ion Mill Model 1060

The Fischione Argon Ion Mill is used to prepare samples susceptible to artifacts from mechanical polishing.  This finish is ideal for high resolution imaging of shales porosity. The mill uses a beam of argon ions to remove layers from the sample surface.  Sample size is limited to 25 mm diameter and only an area of 3 mm2 - 8 mm2 in the center of the sample will be milled.

Fischione Ion Mill

Ion Mill  (Public domain.)