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The USGS monitors and reports on earthquakes, assesses earthquake impacts and hazards, and conducts targeted research on the causes and effects of earthquakes. We undertake these activities as part of the larger National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP), a four-agency partnership established by Congress.

Latest Earthquakes

Latest Earthquakes

Latest earthquakes map and list (past 24 hours, M2.5+) from the ANSS (Advanced National Seismic System). Check out the new interface! (7/27/20)

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Listening to the Earth at the South Pole

Listening to the Earth at the South Pole

If you want to listen to the softest whispers of the Earth, the South Pole is where you want to be. Seismic station, QSPA has been allowing us to eavesdrop on the Earth for over six decades, and it may soon gain the equivalent of hearing aids.

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Alaska Peninsula Earthquake Sequences of 2020-2021

Alaska Peninsula Earthquake Sequences of 2020-2021

Explore this interactive geonarrative summary of the earthquake sequence in the Alaska Peninsula during 2020 and 2021.



Date published: October 14, 2021

ShakeOut 2021: Earthquake Awareness Enables Community Preparedness

Get ready to shake it like it’s real! ShakeOut 2021:  Drop (or Lock), Cover, and Hold On!

Date published: September 29, 2021

Opportunity to Provide Feedback for SZ4D Program

To those interested in USGS SZS and the SZ4D Initiative (Subduction Zones in Four Dimensions)...


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Year Published: 2021

Electrical properties of carbon dioxide hydrate: Implications for monitoring CO2 in the gas hydrate stability zone

CO2 and CH4 clathrate hydrates are of keen interest for energy and carbon cycle considerations. While both typically form on Earth as cubic structure I (sI), we find that pure CO2 hydrate exhibits over an order of magnitude higher electrical conductivity (σ) than pure CH4 hydrate at geologically relevant temperatures. The...

Stern, Laura A.; Constable, S.; Lu, Ryan; Du Frane, Wyatt L.; Roberts, J. Murray

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Year Published: 2021

NGA-East Ground-Motion Characterization model part I: Summary of products and model development

In this article, we present an overview of the research project NGA-East, Next Generation Attenuation for Central and Eastern North America (CENA), and summarize the key methodology and products. The project was tasked with developing a new ground motion characterization (GMC) model for CENA. The final NGA-East GMC model includes a set of 17...

Goulet, Christine A.; Bozorgnia, Yousef; Kuehn, Nicolas; Al Atik, Linda; Youngs, Robert; Graves, Robert; Atkinson, Gail M.

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Year Published: 2021

Coastal Tree-Ring Records for Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental Applications in North America

For more than a century, tree-ring research has identified relationships between climatic and ecological conditions and tree growth to describe past environments and constrain future ecosystem vulnerabilities. Tree-ring records are frequently used as environmental proxies that extend knowledge of past climate and ecology on millennial scales. Many...

Tucker, Clay; Pearl, Jessie Kathleen