Landslide Hazards

Post-Fire Debris Flows

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Date published: December 18, 2020
Status: Active

Debris-Flow Event Summaries

These geonarrative summaries of debris-flow events are intended to provide information to support planning and decision-making for potential future events. Additional event summaries will be added as they are available.

Contacts: Francis Rengers
Date published: June 23, 2018
Status: Active

Early Warning System

Once the smoke clears from a wildfire, the danger is not over!! Other hazards, such as flash floods and debris flows, now become the focus. Areas recently burned by wildfires are particularly susceptible to flash floods and debris flows during rainstorms.

Date published: June 23, 2018
Status: Active

Emergency Assessment of Post-Fire Debris-Flow Hazards

Estimates of the probability and volume of debris flows that may be produced by a storm in a recently burned area, using a model with characteristics related to basin shape, burn severity, soil properties, and rainfall.

Wildfire can significantly alter the hydrologic response of a watershed to the extent that even modest rainstorms can produce dangerous flash floods and debris flows....

Contacts: Jason Kean, Dennis Staley, Jaime Kostelnik