Jinxun Liu


My research interests and expertise are closely related to system ecology and ecosystem simulation models. During my PhD study, I used Professional Dynamo Plus to build an agro-forestry system model and performed system optimization on tree harvesting. From late 1990s, I began carbon simulation studies. I have used a number of models in my research, such as the CBM-CFS2, 3PG, TreeDYN, CENTURY, TRIPLEX, IBIS, GEMS-EDCM, and USPED. My current research also includes models like Biome-BGC, DAYCENT, ED, CLM and LUCAS. My other experiences/skills include GIS/RS data processing, back-propagation (BP) neural network modeling, NetCDF data processing/visualization, and leadership class supper computing (ALCF Mira/Theta). My Research activities have brought 50+ various peer-reviewed journal publications.

I have been participating in the development of the methodology and the implementation of GEMS and IBIS models for the USGS LandCarbon Project since 2010. Currently I am leading an ESTCP project that focuses on ecosystem model inter-comparisons and decision support. Beyond that, I also joined in a multi-organization effort on inland and coastal wetland modeling.