Judith Z Drexler



Ph.D., Natural Resouces, Cornell University

M.A. Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder

B.A. Enivronmental Science, University of California, Berkeley


My work is focused on soil carbon storage and wetland formation processes. In addiiton, I also study the impact of various types of disturbance, including hydrologic alteration, invasive plants, and climate change, on the sustainability of wetland systems.  Through the years, I have worked in a variety of ecosystem types including peatlands across the USA, Micronesian mangroves and freshwater swamps, tidal marshes in the San Francisco Estuary and Pacific northwest, and montane fens of the Sierra Nevada.  


I started out at the US Environmental Protection Agency in the Drinking Water Branch. As I postdoc, I worked at the USDA Forest Service in Honolulu, HI studying hydrologic linkages in coastal wetland complexes in Micronesia. I have been at the US Geological Survey, California Water Science Center since 2000 studying wetland hydrology, biogeochemistry, and ecology in sites across the United States.